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Big & Little

Accountability is one of the ways we fight back against spiritual apathy. Along with having an older brother or sister in Christ keep you accountable, they become one of your closest friends as you get accustomed to college life and become part of the GCF family. As you build up your relationship with your big/little, your personal relationship with Christ grows simultaneously.


Contact: Carolina Bae (



Bulletins Ministry edits and provides the bulletins for Sunday chapel. We also create the booklets for GCF retreats. Our goal is to inform the body and any visitors about GCF and give resources to help people get plugged in. We also hope that the bulletin facilitates worship with the Call to Worship and the Confession of Faith. If you are interested in joining this behind-the-scenes ministry, please contact us!


Contact: Emily Lewis (, Anthony Sung (


Greeters Ministry is dedicated to loving on and welcoming brothers and sisters into the body of Christ. We strive to help people find a fellowship and a home at GCF.


Contact: Alexander Kim (, Julie Kim (, Andy Han (


Korean Community Church (KCC)

KCC Ministry is a ministry composed of “teachable” teachers that serve at the local Korean Community Church every Sunday morning. From kindergarteners to high school seniors, we help out by teaching lessons from the Bible every week in small groups and by assisting at various events hosted by the church in any way we can. The vision of this ministry has two main parts: for the Gospel to be apparent and manifest itself in every single possible way as we desire for these kids to know Jesus fully, and also to develop a servant heart as we are reminded by the fact that we are mere tools that God uses to work in the hearts of the kids in ways we may not ostensibly see week after week. We welcome all who are eager in raising up a younger generation of Christ-worshipers! Please consider being a part of this KCC Family!

Contact: Yen Cho (, Joyce Jang (


Live Love

Live Love is a ministry that aspires to “live love” and engage the local community, specifically the homeless population of Charlottesville. We meet weekly, on Saturday mornings, to make sandwiches and verse cards, and go downtown to build relationships, with the ultimate goal of sharing the love we first received from Christ.

Live Love

Contact: Grace Kim (, Cody Liu (


Multimedia (MMM)

MMM is in charge of the laptop and projector. We take care of PowerPoint (for praise and if given a powerpoint by the speaker, speaker notes too), songs and videos.

Contact: Jacob Lee (



Oikos Ministry is a ministry dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel to our immediate networks – including our family and friends. The meaning of the Greek term “oikos” translates to “household” or “family”, and as such, we seek to see the hearts of our loved ones transformed by Christ’s love. The vision of this ministry is two-fold: (1) To battle doubt and unbelief in our immediate social circles, and (2) to embolden our members to share the Gospel with open hearts. Meetings consist of vulnerable sharing with each other as well as exploring practical ways to share the Gospel and defend the faith. Each and every believer, regardless of upbringing, knows of at least one other individual in their lives who does not yet know Christ, and thus all are welcome to join. We meet roughly once a month, and do feel free to contact the leaders with any questions or comments.

Contact: Ben Lee (, Julie Kim (, Cody Liu (


Praise Team


Contact: Ben Lee (, David Han (



Prayer Ministry is a ministry dedicated to prayer. But tautologies aside, we meet, with whoever wants to come, before Friday Large Group and Sunday Chapel to intercede and supplicate on behalf of things including, but not limited to, the body at large, things affecting the Charlottesville community, and the world abroad. Please do not hesitate to come try us out, or even contact us if you are in need of prayer. We covet the capacity to prayer with and for you!

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Contact: Rebekah H Lee (


Text-A-Toasty’s mission is to create opportunities for the church to interact with the world on the college campus, through listening and dialoguing, so as to share and display the Gospel to students at the University of Virginia.

If you have a question about Christianity, God or faith, text your question at any time during the week and Text-a-Toasty will deliver both an answer AND a free grilled cheese or nutella sandwich to you on their delivery day.


Andy Han (, Ben Yi (, Shannon Suh (



Veritas is an outreach, evangelistic ministry that meets weekly to explicitly share the Gospel and shine His light with students on grounds. Veritas means “truth” in Latin, and the goal and aspiration of this ministry to make this truth known. This ministry meets weekly to prayer, worship, learn about evangelistic methods or religions, and then go out to meet with friends or strangers to share the Gospel of Christ. If you have any questions or are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the leaders.


Contact: Joanna Ahn (, Grace Kim (



We maintain and update the website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments concerning the website!

Contact: Candace Park (

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